It is the best chance to succeed!! These are all the requirements:

Being a woman of birth, not having been married or living together, who was born or residing in the region or country for which she will compete, who has the disposition to be UNIVERSE GRAND QUEEN® and fulfill all activities, be over 18 years old or be of legal age according to the law of your country

You can compete in the biggest contest in the world 2021.

It's easy to apply.
Make your request with our simple online form, once we have received your information and your photo an authorized representative of UNIVERSE GRAND QUEEN® will contact you to verify some details, inform you of the evaluation results and tell you if it has been approved; or if you want, only send us an email at contestants@universegrandqueen.com with three photographs of you taken in a head and shoulder position, your personal data: name, date of birth, current address, town and region you represent, your email and a brief biography that highlights positive aspects of you. Registration is free. APPLY HERE

Global Business Partnership
Becoming a National Director, Make Marketing & Advertising, To become a Global Sponsor, Public Relations, Video & Broadcasting rights, Request for Universe Grand Queen an Appearance, Franchises and Licenses.
UNIVERSE GRAND QUEEN® is the largest competition in the world, contemplating the participation of contestants from more than 240 countries. It is the first world contest. We look forward to your participation as soon as possible.
Official Sponsors and Partners
Sponsors enjoy many benefits, including advertising and exhibition opportunities in various media, print advertising, on the web and on television, appearances of UNIVERSE GRAND QUEEN®, promotions, and much more.
The UNIVERSE GRAND QUEEN® Sports Program supports and promotes the practice of sport at different levels.


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